A country needs a strong infrastructure to grow and prosper. This infrastructure is not only road and railways but also educational institutes. A school is the base of any educational system. A school is not only responsible for providing right education but also has a great role in creating and providing better individuals/adults who can serve the nation. Hence, to choose a right school, parents should not only focus on infrastructure but also on:

  • Working culture: The working culture should have the feeling of “no work is small or negligent”.
  • Regular and direct involvement of founders: The founders who put forward the vision of school should be involved directly in creating the system which they envision.
  • Leaders for future: The focus should be given on making a self sustainable system which is not dependent on any individual be it founder, management or educator.
  • Exposure to various practical life skills: Education is not just bookish knowledge but exposure to practical life problems and skills to tackle them.
  • Value education An individual, however educated he may be, can only serve nation when she shows and support her work with highest degree of ethical and moral values.
  • Confidence to struggle and to represent: No one can guarantee a problem free life. Everyone has to struggle to survive and to represent. Acceptability of going through the phase of struggle provides confidence and never giving up attitude. This can be achieved by enforcing child in various such situations during studies, sports, events etc.
  • Self-learning, un-learning and re-learning: In real life everyone has to learn many things, unlearn some things and re learn few things. It’s a constant process of evolving and a school should foster such skills.
  • Social and emotional skills: Since, a human is a social animal, he has to learn to behave, to tolerate, to appreciate, to speak up mind, to be clear in thoughts. These skills should be the core of curriculum.